The 2nd China Water Conservation Forum opened in Lanzhou, Gansu, China

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---- Dayu Irrigation Group is one of the main organizers of this forum.

The forum's theme is "water-saving and society", and takes the organizational form of "one theme forum + five special forums". From the aspects of policies, resources, mechanism and technology, etc, hundreds of experts and scholars exchanged ideas and talked about water saving and society, the Yellow River basin ecological protection and high quality development, depth of water saving and limit of water saving, water saving technology innovation and modernization of irrigation, agricultural development and revitalization of rural area, the green water conservancy investment and financing reform.

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" Water conservation is a comprehensive system, agriculture accounts for 62%-63% of the country's total water use, and the sector with the greatest potential for water conservation is probably agriculture," says Shaozhong Kang, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

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In order to accelerate agricultural water conservation, the three major grain-producing areas in North China, northwest China and Northeast China are combining high-efficiency water conservation with the construction of high-standard farmland to comprehensively improve the utilization rate of water resources. The ongoing "water network + information network + service network" three-in-one water-saving model has aroused the resonance of the participants. 

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The chairman of Dayu Irrigation Group expressed his views on the water-saving model of three networks in one. "To realize the integrated development of the three networks, there must be a central decision command system. It is our "irrigated brain". Through a series of means of "recognition, measurement, adjustment and control","irrigated brain" can construct three-dimensional perception, command decision-making, automatic control and multi-dimensional display of wisdom irrigation area. Under complex and changeable conditions, the water level can be minimized, the flow distribution can be homogenized, and the efficiency and benefit can be maximized."

Post time: Oct-10-2020

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