DAYU Keeps Fighting Against the Epidemic

----The first batch of 300000 masks and other epidemic prevention materials and funds of DAYU Irrigation Group Co., Ltd were donated to many local governments smoothly

Everyone is responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic. In the face of the severe situation of new coronavirus, DAYU Irrigation Group carried out "global purchase", both at home and abroad, actively mobilized resources from all sides, gave full play to its own advantages, united overseas Chinese, patriots from all walks of life, overseas students , Chinese Students and Scholars Association and a number of patriotic organizations to overcome the impact of policy protection of purchasing overseas medical materials. DAYU did everything possible to purchase all kinds of anti epidemic materials from the United States, Turkey, India, Vietnam and other places. At present, epidemic prevention materials with a total value of about 3 million RMB have been implemented. At present, the first batch of 300000 masks, protective clothing, temperature measuring guns, alcohol and other materials have been transported to China, and are donating to Hubei , Gansu , Yunnan Province, Tianjin, Chongqing and other places in accordance with the plan.

Currently, the prevention and control of new coronavirus is a top priority in China, affecting the hearts of every Chinese. DAYU Irrigation Group, as a leading enterprise fighting in the rural market, shares weal and woe with farmers all over the country day and night.

Epidemic situation is order, prevention and control is mission. DAYU Irrigation Group will conscientiously implement the requirements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the provincial and municipal Party committee, actively arrange the deployment, strive to make contributions to win the war of the whole people against the epidemic, and practice the original mission and responsibility of a water-saving leading private enterprise that is committed to working with the people!


Post time: Jun-03-2020

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