Pressure-compensated drip tape

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Price:   $0.015-0.02/m

MOQ: 1 roll

Product shipment quantity: 2.1 billion meter/month

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Type:Other Watering & Irrigation
Place of Origin:Tianjin, China
Brand Name:DAYU
Product ID:SD1618203ST
Thickness(mm):0.18mm, 0.2mm
Dripper Spacing (mm): 200  300  500mm
Dripper Flow[0.50]rate(L/h):1.8L/h  2.4L/h  3L/h
Filtration:120 mesh  120
Suitable:Suitable for field crops,shallow root crops,leaves flourishing crops.
Package :(300-500m/roll)
Technical Standard:GB/T19812.3-2017
Roll length : 1000/roll ,2000m/roll ,2500m/roll ,3000m/roll or customize
Raw Material : PE
Lateral Length :48-78m


1.Mould the dripper for one time;
2.The dripper with its filtering window, has the new style wide and long flow channal;
3.The dripper has spacious area for filtering and wide size of flow channal section, so the blocking resistance is strong;
4.The water current is turbulently flowing, and the level of average water leakage is less than 5%;
5.The dripper is directly welded inside the pipe, so the pressure lose is slight and irrigtion precision is high.
6.Water saved can amount to 30-40%,and compared with the conventional irrrigation mode.

Basic characteristics:

1.The different wall thicknesses are suitable for the different ages and environments to use;
2.The different flowrates and dripper intervals are suitable for the different water demand quantities of crops;
3.It is convenient to install, transport and use;
4.The price of project is low, and the water-saving efficiency is high.

Working pressure: 40~120kpa :

Suitable scope:field crops sowed in rows, big greenhouse, fruit trees, grape crops.

Why Use Subsurface Drip Irrigation?

More efficient water use, SDI saves water with decreased evaporation and deep percolation
Decreased groundwater contamination, SDI decreases leaching of nutrients carried by over irrigation and poor uniformity
SDI provides the most effective management tool delivering water and nutrients directly to the plant roots at the precise time and in the precise quantity needed
Maximizes irrigated acres, SDI irrigates fields from corner to corner and easily adapts to small and odd shaped parcels
Optimizes plant nutrition, the nutrients carried by the irrigation water are applied directly to the plant roots.
Minimizes weed growth, SDI Irrigation produces drier soil surface and reduces weed germination
Enables the use of recycled water without adverse environmental impact. Complies with environmental and public health regulations which prohibit overhead irrigation of certain crops with recycled water.

system type

Short Term SDI

System life expectancy of 3 to 10 years.
Typically utilized for mid-valued crops
Drip tubing typically installed between 3″ and 10″ of surface
Designed to deliver peak ET demands of crop

Long Term SDI

System life expectancy 20+ years.
Typically utilized for commodity crops
Drip tubing typically installed between 12″ and 18″ of surface
Designed to utilize soil holding capacity and irrigation timing to deliver peak crop demand


Pressure & Flow Rate

Make sure the system operates according to the required pressures. System pressures and flows need to be monitored to ensure peak performance and maximum system life.


Monitoring filtration performance is necessary.
Filtration requirements vary with water quality, dripper specifications, and other factors. Maintenance requirements for filters vary with type of filter (screen, disk, media, etc.) and water quality.

Chemical Treatment

Acid injection can reduce the precipitation caused by chemical contaminants. Acid wash (shock treatment) can reduce the build up of contaminants in the drip lines.
Chlorine injection restricts the growth of biological / organic contaminants like algae, bacteria & slime.
Chlorine oxidizes iron & manganese, into insoluble salts which can be separated from water, and reduces sulfur bacteria.

Pest Management

Pest Management is an essential maintenance function throughout the season.


What you should consider before choosing an SDI System

Field layout - Field shapes and sizes
Field Conditions - Soil type, depth of topsoil, subsoil type, slope, and topography
Water - Availability, quantity, and quality (performing a water quality test is essential)
Crops – Type, requirements, and rotation
Cultural practices - Seed germination, tillage practices, and harvesting
Drip line products – Diameter, wall thickness, emitter spacing, flow rate, and filtration requirements
Location of drip lines - Depth, distance between laterals, and relation to the crop
System components and location - Pumps, filters, controls, control valves, lines (main lines, sub-main lines, and manifolds), air relief valves, and drip lines
Monitoring - System flow rates and pressures should be monitored to ensure peak performance and maximize system life
Maintenance procedures -Routine maintenance is necessary for system longevity and optimal performance


The internal structure of dripper adopts elastic diaphragm to regulate pressure and control flow;
The lifetime is effectively lengthened by injecting molded silicone membrane;
The special designed flow path can effectively improve self-cleaning and anti-clogging capacity;
Anti-UV materials are suitable for all kinds of weather conditions;
High mechanical strength, corrosion resistance;
Ensure the uniform, precise and consistent irrigation, in the range of compensated pressure.

Can be Laid on the ground or buried;
Different flowrate Can choose from;
Suitable for different terrain and slope of irrigation area.

pressure: 50-450 kpa

Suitable scope: It is suitable for row crops in the mountain area or long distance,orchards, vineyards and windbreaker.












0.18 0.20.3 0.40.5 0.60.8 1.0 1.1 1.2




Depends on Inlet
water pressure and
outlet pressure






Remarks: Emitters Spacing can choose from 100mm-2000mm

Pressure-Compensated Driplines Performance Index:


Character Index

Test Euipment

Test Standards

Tensile Strength


Tensile Tester

GB/T 17188-97

Temperature Resitant to
Hydrostatic Pressure

Keeping working for one hour at
The maximum Working pressure 1.5times. No Break, No leakage

Hydrostatic Pressure

GB/T 17188-97

Burst Pressure

No Break, No leakage

Environmental stress
cracking device

ISO 8796


Q≈kpr (r≤1)
Q—Flowrate(L/h) P—Inlet Pressure(kpa)


GB/T 17188-97

Content of Black


Tube type furnace, Ma


Dispersion Of Black

Dispersion:Dispersion Grade≤3 Grade

Oven, Mircoscope,
Slicing Machine


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