Zhang Xiao, Director of the Department of Water Conservancy of Anhui Province, attended the symposium and exchange meeting between the Department of Water Conservancy of Anhui Province and Dayu Irrigation Group


On the morning of November 18th, Wang Haoyu, chairman of Dayu Water Saving Group, and his party visited the Department of Water Resources of Anhui Province. Zhang Xiao, Party Secretary and Director of the Department of Water Resources of Anhui Province, Zhou Jianchun, Member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of the Department of Water Resources, Zhao Huixiang, Director of the Science and Technology and Information Division of the Department of Water Resources, and Liu Peng, Deputy Director of the Rural Water Resources and Hydropower Department of the Department of Water Resources attended the forum. Wang Haoyu, Chairman of Dayu Water Saving Group, Cui Jing, Vice President and President of Agricultural Water Group, Zhang Leiyun, Vice President and Chairman of East China Headquarters, and Liang Baibin, General Manager of Anhui Branch attended the forum. 


At the symposium, Wang Haoyu stated that after Director Zhang Xiao visited the headquarters of Dayu Water Conservation Group on September 7, Dayu Water Conservation Group was greatly encouraged and encouraged by the company. The company organized a professional team to conduct business in Anhui Province. In-depth research on the environment and market conditions. It is believed that Anhui has a good market atmosphere and broad development prospects. Therefore, the East China headquarters will be set up with Hefei as the center, and a comprehensive industry chain service headquarters will be established including design, informatization and other multi-sector linkages. , Practicing "two-handed power" for the urban and rural water supply projects in Anhui Province, actively participating in the "Project for People in Northern Anhui to Drink Better Water", and contributing Dayu's strength to the revitalization and development of the northern Anhui region. At the same time, we hope to apply advanced technology and mature business models in Anhui to create a model project for urban and rural water supply, digital twins of watersheds, rural sewage treatment, high-standard farmland and smart agriculture, and promise to put every work and every promise All fell into place. 


Zhang Xiao, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Water Resources Department, welcomed the visit of Chairman Wang Haoyu and his entourage, and agreed with Chairman Wang Haoyu's report. Encourage Dayu Water Conservation Group to take advantage of Anhui's water-saving projects, irrigation technology, and water conservancy informatization, and make more contributions to the rural revitalization of Anhui's pastoral complex, rural environment, rural ecology, and rural livability. Agreed to do some forward-looking explorations in the areas of technology, models, and services in the Huaihe digital twin and modern irrigation districts. At the same time, it is reminded to respect the laws of the market and choose high-quality projects with benefits and returns to achieve sustainable development. 

Post time: Nov-24-2021

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