Minister Li Guoying Attends the 90th Anniversary Conference of the Chinese Hydraulic Engineering Society Dayu Water Saving Wang Haoyu was invited to give a special lecture.

During this meeting, Wang Haoyu also communicated extensively with leading experts such as the Ministry of Water Resources, the Institute of Water Resources, participating scientific research institutes, and business representatives. The guests at the meeting spoke highly of the report by Chairman Wang Haoyu.


The Chinese Society of Hydraulic Engineering is the largest and most influential water conservancy academic organization in China. It holds an annual academic conference, and 2021 coincides with the 90th anniversary of its founding. 8 academicians and experts including Academician Deng Mingjiang and Academician Jin Yong, as well as Wang Haoyu, chairman of Dayu Water Conservation Group, as the only corporate representative of the conference, are invited to give a special report. Full affirmation is the supreme honor of Dayu for saving water.

The theme of this year's annual conference is to plan the layout of the "14th Five-Year Plan" to promote the high-quality development of water conservancy in the new stage. Focusing on the theme of the conference, this conference invited 9 academicians and experts to give academic reports on the implementation path of high-quality development of water conservancy in the new stage, cutting-edge water conservancy technologies and hot issues of social concern, and more than 400 representatives attended the conference. Chairman Wang Haoyu’s specially invited report entitled "Relying on two-round innovation of technology and model to promote high-quality development of water-saving business" comprehensively shared Dayu Water Conservation Group’s recent years in terms of technological innovation, model innovation, and "power with both hands". Successful experience and practices in technology and model innovation, relying on market forces to promote the company's development.


Technological innovation is the development of Dayu Water Conservation Group. Chairman Wang Haoyu relied on General Secretary Xi Jinping’s “Technology is a weapon of the country. It is better to have strong science and technology" as the beginning of the speech, combined with Minister Li Guoying's signed article "In-depth Implementation of New Development Concepts to Promote Intensive and Safe Utilization of Water Resources" published by Minister Li Guoying in the People's Daily, focusing on the current situation of agricultural water use, which has long plagued the construction of farmland water conservancy projects. And management’s “two lows” (that is, low construction standards and low market participation rates), “three difficulties” (that is, difficult to implement, difficult to use, and difficult to survive), and “four separations” (that is, investors, implementers, builders, User separation) and other issues, reviewed the Dayu Water Conservation Group's establishment from Jiuquan, a small western city with extreme water shortage, and then out of Gansu from Jiuquan to the whole country and even the world. Relying on continuous scientific and technological innovation for more than 20 years, the company has cooperated with scientific research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Water Sciences. From introduction and absorption to independent innovation, the company has realized technology in irrigation technology and software and hardware such as measurement, measurement and control. A series of scientific research projects such as the national "13th Five-Year" key special project "Integration and Demonstration of High-efficiency Water-saving Irrigation Technology in Western Pastoral Areas" and other scientific research projects were successfully completed and passed the acceptance. The results of Dayu's water-saving technology transformation were formed and received support from relevant departments. Full affirmation of the company's technological capabilities. As a leading enterprise with a mission, Dayu’s water-saving "water saving" has risen from the "water saving" of water-saving irrigation to the "water saving" of "water saving priority". This has promoted the development of China's water-saving cause.

In terms of model innovation, he focused on sharing the results of the “Luliang, Yuanmou Model”, “Wuqing Model”, “Pengyang Model” of Dayu Water Conservation Group and the “Bojili Irrigation District” informatization project in Binzhou, Shandong. The main business of "Three Networks for Agriculture, Rural Areas, Three Waters, Three Networks", and actively promote the integration of the "three networks" development model, through the "visible water network", "invisible information network" and "visible and invisible services" The integration of the "Internet" and the three networks, relying on the "irrigation brain" as the central system for management and control, realizes the entire process, all-round management and service, and the entire chain is intelligent and informatized, reducing a lot of manpower and material resources. In terms of services, a professional operation and maintenance service company was established according to the project, with "user payment + government subsidy" as the return mechanism, explored and practiced the cooperation model of "professional farmers water cooperative + company", established professional farmer water cooperatives, and achieved small farmers The link of the project company provides organizational guarantee for the operation service of the project company. It is hoped that Dayu's successful water-saving model, especially the "Luliang Model", can be promoted and applied on a larger scale and at a higher level.

"Strengthening with both hands" is the focus of General Secretary Xi Jinping's "Sixteen-character" water control policy. Wang Haoyu proposed that "strengthening with both hands" can effectively solve common problems in the industry. He believes and depends on market forces, accelerates the role of market players, and promotes the market. Technology, efficiency, market capital, management, and innovation in rural water conservancy investment and financing mechanisms are needed. Only by starting with the reform of the system and mechanism can we truly exert the “power of both hands”, stimulate the market’s source of water, and moisturize nine states. Good land.

Finally, he extended a sincere invitation to the guests. The company has successfully held two "China Water Conservation Forum". We sincerely invite all leading guests to participate in the Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center in 2021. The 3rd China Water Conservation Forum with the theme of "Water Conservation and High Quality Development" co-sponsored by China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research and Dayu Water Conservation Group.


During this meeting, Wang Haoyu also communicated extensively with leading experts such as the Ministry of Water Resources, the Institute of Water Resources, participating scientific research institutes, and business representatives. The guests at the meeting spoke highly of the report by Chairman Wang Haoyu.

Post time: Nov-01-2021

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