Dayu “Yudi” and “Yuhui” series of IoT products are officially released

  The "Yudi" and "Yuhui" series of products independently developed by Dayu Water Conservation Group are modern agricultural water management advanced and practical smart water meters and water resources remote measurement terminals that integrate technologies such as "wisdom, interconnection, and data". They are not only performance It is excellent, and the appearance design is very fine and beautiful. The main features are introduced as follows. 


1. "Yudi" series product introduction

The "Yudi" series of ultrasonic water meters are new water meters based on the principle of ultrasonic time difference for flow measurement and intelligent calculation and transmission of water volume. The meter is equipped with RS485 interface by default, which can form a remote meter reading management system through RS485 bus and other communication equipment, and cooperate with the independently developed software system to achieve high-precision water measurement of the product.

Main features of the product:

1. The structure of the watch body adopts a modular design with a replaceable core tube. By replacing the core tube, various structural forms such as monophonic, multi-channel, through-beam installation, and reflection installation can be realized, which can adapt to different usage requirements.

2. Using high-precision ultrasonic sensor and time calculation chip, static zero value signal drift is small, dynamic measurement calculation is accurate and reliable

3. The measuring mechanism has no moving parts, straight-through design, small pressure loss, and more accurate measurement

4. There are a variety of signal processing calculation methods, with automatic error diagnosis function, stable and reliable measurement

5. Adopt dual power supply, built-in high-energy lithium battery, long service life

6. Flexible installation method, support horizontal and vertical installation 


2. "Yuhui" series product introduction

"Yuhui" water resources remote measurement terminal can collect information such as flow, electricity, water pressure/water level, soil moisture, etc., combined with the software system, it can realize measurement, control, remote data transmission and remote upgrade functions for users to use.

Main features of the product:

1. Support WeChat applet remote recharge or radio frequency card prepaid swiping to fetch water

2. It can control solenoid valves, electric valves, water pumps, etc., and support status feedback access such as electric valve opening

3. Support flowmeter, pressure sensor, battery voltage and other parameter detection and pressure/water level, flow adjustment control

4. It can realize the leakage monitoring and statistics of the pipe network, which is convenient for the maintenance and repair of the pipe network system

5. Support 4G network access, with regular reporting function, you can set the reporting interval by yourself 


The "Yudi" series of ultrasonic smart water meters and the "Yuhui" series of water resources remote sensing terminal products are the informatization and intelligence developed by the Dayu Water Conservation Research Institute to implement the group's corporate mission to make agriculture smarter and the group to transform into smart water affairs. New products for water management. 

Post time: Dec-03-2021

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