Dayu Irrigation Group once again donated 150,000 yuan of anti-epidemic materials to Jiuquan City (Jinta County)


Dayu Irrigation Group once again donated 150,000 yuan of anti-epidemic materials to Jiuquan City (Jinta County)

The counterattack of the epidemic once again affects the hearts of the people across the country. All sectors of society are going all out to fight the epidemic. Dayu's water-saving actions interpret the responsibility. After donating 1.1 million yuan in cash and 56,000 yuan in epidemic prevention materials to the Suzhou District Government of Jiuquan City, 20,000 yuan in materials to the Suzhou District Public Security Bureau, and 16,000 yuan in epidemic prevention materials to the Jiuquan Federation of Industry and Commerce, Dayu saved water again. Actively raise various epidemic prevention materials, and donated 151,000 yuan worth of epidemic prevention materials to the People's Government of Jinta County, Jiuquan City on the afternoon of the 29th. Du Xinhong, Deputy Secretary of Jinta County Party Committee and Acting County Mayor, Sun Zhanfeng, Member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, Zhang Jianwu, Director of the Public Security Bureau, and relevant persons in charge of the government office, civil affairs bureau, industry and information bureau, water affairs bureau, industrial concentration zone, charity association and other units attended the donation ceremony. Xie Yongsheng, president of Dayu Water Saving Group, Zhang Qin, general manager of Jiuquan Company, and Zhong Wei, head of Jinta area, participated in the donation. 


After the donation, the leaders of both sides delivered speeches. Du Xinhong pointed out that when the epidemic prevention in Jinta County entered the most critical period, Dayu Irrigation Group sent warmth with regards and care to the people of the county. We expressed our warm welcome and heartfelt thanks. Dayu Water Saving is a listed company that grew up in Jiuquan and has made great contributions to promoting the development of Jiuquan industry. It is a model among Jiuquan enterprises. A lot of contributions have been made to improving the ecological environment and improving the quality of life of the people. This is not only the spirit of the enterprise, but also the spirit of the times that the party and government agencies and all sectors of society inherit and promote. We wish Dayu's water-saving cause flourish, and we also wish us a complete victory in this fight against the epidemic, and make the people of Jinta a happier life. 

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Xie Yongsheng said in his speech that everyone is responsible for the prevention and control of the epidemic. Dayu Water Saving, as a local enterprise, donated 151,000 yuan of anti-epidemic materials to Jinta County this time, offering a love, doing one's strength, assuming a responsibility, and helping the people of Jinta County to overcome the difficulties together. Under the correct leadership of the Jinta County Party Committee and the county government, we are willing to dispel the epidemic like spring snow, usher in the warmth of spring, and bring peace, health and happiness to the people of the county. We firmly believe that the people of Jinta will be able to win an overall victory in the epidemic prevention work as long as they work together and unite as one. 

Post time: Nov-11-2021

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