Dayu Irrigation Group and China Water Huaihe Planning and Design Institute held a symposium on deepening cooperation between the two parties

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On the afternoon of November 18th, Wang Haoyu, Chairman of Dayu Water Saving Group and his entourage visited China Water Huaihe Planning and Design Research Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huaihe Committee Design Institute). Huai Committee Design Institute Party Secretary and Chairman Zhou Hong, Deputy General Managers Chen Biao and Shen Hong, Director of Planning and Operation Department Qin Xiaoqiao, Deputy Director of Planning and Operation Department Xiao Yan, Director of Hydrology and Water Resources Department Wang Hao, Design Department Deputy Director Feng Zhigang attended the forum. Dayu Water Saving Group Chairman Wang Haoyu, Group Vice President and President of Agricultural Water Group Cui Jing, Board Secretary and Group Vice President Chen Jing, Group Vice President and Chairman of North China Headquarters Zhang Leiyun, Design Group President Yan Wenxue, Agricultural Water Group Anhui Company General Manager Liang Baibin and General Manager Lu Rui of Huitu Group Henan Branch attended the forum. 

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At the symposium, Wang Haoyu first introduced Dayu Water Conservation, which was established in 1999 and was listed in the first batch of Shenzhen Stock Exchange's Growth Enterprise Market in 2009. He has always focused and dedicated himself to the cause of water conservation and rural revitalization in China. Since its establishment, the company has a deep understanding and extensive experience in mixed ownership reform. In 2014, Dayu Water Saving successfully acquired Hangzhou Water Conservancy and Hydropower Survey and Design Institute. In 2017, Dayu Water Saving deeply participated in Beijing Guotai Water Saving Development Co., Ltd. under the Ministry of Water Resources. The mixed-ownership restructuring of the company, the acquisition of Jiuquan Water Resources and Hydropower Survey and Design Institute in 2020, has formed the design force for the overall layout of Hangzhou-Lanzhou-Jiuquan nationwide.

Chairman Wang Haoyu pointed out that the development of the design market will definitely break down regional barriers and lean towards people. It will be advanced mechanisms and management models that have competitive advantages in the development. In the future, it will be difficult for simple design to achieve long-term development. Combination of capital, promoted in the form of BOT, combined with engineering backwards, and developed through the integration of smart water affairs and informatization. Dayu Water Saving hopes to develop in-depth cooperation with the Huai Committee Design Institute, a leader with a history of precipitation, combined with Dayu Water Saving Group's focus on the layout of the entire industry chain of the water saving industry, forming complementary advantages and achieving the effect of 1+1>2 , A win-win cooperation. 

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Zhou Hong, chairman of the Huai Committee Design Institute, introduced the development history of the Huai Committee Design Institute. He pointed out that the business scope of the Huai Committee Design Institute is mainly based on traditional water conservancy, relying on the treatment of Huaihe River and the South-to-North Water Diversion. Continuous exploration in other fields. It is hoped that both parties can give full play to their respective advantages and, based on the EPC project, carry out deeper cooperation in the implementation of projects including the construction of the digital Huaihe River and the smart watershed. 

Post time: Nov-24-2021

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