Atomizing nozzle

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This plastic misting nozzle is equipped with a non blocking filter inside that makes the nozzle a longer life, and it is anti-drop designed so that the nozzle will not drip when the pressure system is closed. Commonly used for greenhouses, terrariums, livery stables, aeroponics, concrete curing, and many other applications to numerous to list. Produces an ultra fine mist, even at pressures as low as 20 PSI. Highly clog resistant. Constructed of a very durable space age plastic material that is highly resistant to lime and mineral deposits. Our misting nozzles are commonly used for many types of cooling and humidification applications. Some of the most popular uses include: herpetoculture, aeroponics, horticulture outdoor cooling, livestock cooling, concrete curing, odor control, insect control, static electricity control, etc.

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Raw Material: PP

All the parts are precisely manufactured, the spray particles is 20-40 micro

Spray angle: 60-80-90 degrees

Capacity 1.6-3.4 L/h

Water pressure: 3-14 bar

The coverage area: 3-4 square meter.

Cooling capacity: 5-10°C



1. Industrial:

Humidifying in textile mill, cigarette factory, electronic factory, paper mill, printing factory, auto painting factory, wood/furniture processing factory, explosive products factory etc. Cooling in power industry, steelworks factory, food industry etc.


2. Agriculture:

Humidifying and cooling in refrigerator, greenhouse, live stock production, garden plant, mushroom cultivation, fruit-vegetable cultivation, electrostatic prevention, disinfection, haze injury control, dust abatement etc.


3. Landscape Spraying:

The mist spraying out from the nozzle in the cloudy appearance and flickering floating in the air to make a wonderful look. Meanwhile, there are lots of negative ion in the droplets which can make the air with more oxygen contents and create us a more health environment.

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