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Irrigation Automatic Control System

Dayu's Automatic-control System applied in irrigation area and field is a new type of modern water-conserving product, which enables to adopt rationalized monitoring, utilization and scientific management of water resources.

Automatic-contro:System in irrigation area realizes automatically collecting and monitoring required information and data and transmit them to control center by wireless or cable transmission technology. After processing by information processor, give orders to system operation and control operation. Intelligent management in the filed realizes just-in–time decision to irrigation automatic-control by collecting the information of meteorology, soil and crops etc.

Suitable range:drip irrigation (micro sprinkler irrigation), greenhouse drip irrigation(spray irrigation), landscape irrigation and low-pressure irrigation as well as agricultural automatic irrigation control, valves long-distance controlled irrigation area of administration of water resources and long-distance measuring and monitoring of the irrigation area.

Suitability: can choose technical matured and more reliable transmission solution according to the site requirements;
Practicability: powerful functions, multifunctional user's interface is easy to operate and daily maintenance; guarantee to meet the present application, at the same time, represents advanced system ,fully take the application's present situations and future development trend into account;
Flexibility and expandability: it can be flexibly designed to fully automatic or semi-automatic control solutions according to customer's investment demand. To adopt standardized interface fully containing accessibility and expandability according to the requirements of future application and variations, maximally reduce the adjustment of system's structure and devices.
Compatibility and economy: maximally guarantee usability and continuity of system upgrading to various hardware and software of present system, minimize the total investment on control system. 

System advantages:
Simple and convenient to install ,operate and maintenance
Centralized management and convenient control
Automatic measurement and precise calculation
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