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Drip Tape for Vegetables in Open Field


 Inner Flat Dripper Drip Irrigation lines


     It is a new generation of water-saving drip irrigation product developed from the cylinder dripper irrigation pipe. It is an economic water-saving product, adapting to the developing requirments of the precise agriculture.



   1.Mould the dripper for one time;

  2.The dripper with its filtering window, has the new style wide and long flow channal;

  3.The dripper has spacious area for filtering and wide size of flow channal section, so the blocking resistance is strong;

  4.The water current is turbulently flowing, and the level of average water leakage is less than 5%;

   5.The dripper is directly welded inside the pipe, so the pressure lose is slight and irrigtion precision is high.

   6.Water saved can amount to 30-40%,and compared with the conventional irrrigation mode.


    Basic characteristics:


    1.The different wall thicknesses are suitable for the different ages and environments to use;

   2.The different flowrates and dripper intervals are suitable for the different water demand quantities of crops;

   3.It is convenient to install, transport and use;

    4.The price of project is low, and the water-saving efficiency is high.


Working pressure: 40~120kpa :


Suitable scope:field crops sowed in rows, big greenhouse, fruit trees, grape crops.  

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