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The second batch of epidemic prevention materials of Dayu Irrigation Group
  Release date:2020-2-26

The second batch of epidemic prevention materials of Dayu Irrigation Group -- 800000 medical gloves were donated to Hubei, Gansu and Jiangxi province.


On February 11, 2020, the second batch of donated materials of Dayu Irrigation Group , 800000 disposable medical gloves, have all been sent out from the headquarters of Dayu in North China and successfully transported to Hubei Province, Gansu Province, Jiangxi Province and other places. In the face of the epidemic situation, people work in Dayu showed their courage and bravery to count and repack the epidemic prevention materials quickly and efficiently, and took charge of the transportation of the materials in person. The Gansu provincial government assisted Dayu to escort the transportation of donated materials. Previously, the first batch of 300000 medical masks, protective clothing, temperature measuring guns, infrared instruments, medical alcohol and other materials purchased by Dayu water conservation from overseas have been donated successfully, providing a small contribution to the local epidemic prevention and control work.

Dayu Irrigation Group as a responsible private enterprise, the national epidemic strategic reserve force, is more duty bound. Under the leadership of companys secretary of the Party Committee Wang Chong, chairman Wang Haoyu, President Xie Yongsheng and the management, the whole company has shown great dedication. As a Chinese and member of Dayu , we are united in our hearts and minds, actively carrying out the strict prevention and control of the enterprise itself, and fully supporting the fight against the new pneumonia epidemic.

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