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DAYU Irrigation Group Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 300021), founded in 1999, is an enterprise group with strong comprehensive strength and strong influence at home and abroad. It is the standing director unit of the international irrigation and drainage Commission (ICID) and China national irrigation and drainage Commission. It is a state-level high-tech enterprise and a state-level A-level irrigation enterprise. It has nearly 2000 employees, with annual sales revenue of 243 Million US Dollars,annual contract amount more than 657 Million US Dollars, and total assets of 543 Million US Dollars. It has become the leader in the field of agricultural irrigation and water conservancy.


DAYU Irrigation Group has always been focused on and committed to the solution and service of agricultural, rural and water resources problems globally. Actively responded to the national "Rural Revitalization Strategy" and "building a beautiful countryside" policy calls, and focus on "three kinds of water" (rural safe water supply, agricultural efficient water saving, and farmers' sewage treatment), which has developed into a professional total solution supplier of Project planning, investment and financing scheme, engineering design, construction, project operation and maintenance and services in the fields of agricultural water-saving irrigation, sewage treatment, water conservancy informatization, intelligent water affairs, river treatment, water ecological restoration, garden landscape, facility agriculture, ecological agriculture, agricultural planting, rural complex, etc.


DAYU Group has eight business units to cover the whole industrial chain

1. DAYU Research Institute

It has three bases, two academician workstations, more than 300 patented technologies and more than 30 invention patents.

2. DAYU Capital

It has gathered a group of senior experts and manages 5.7 billion US Dollarscomprehensive agriculture and water related funds, including two provincial funds, one is the Agricultural Infrastructure Fund of Yunnan Province and the other is the Agricultural Infrastructure Fund of Gansu Province, which has become a major engine for DAYU's water saving development.

3. DAYU Design Group

Including Gansu Design Institute and Hangzhou Water Conservancy and Hydropower Survey and Design Institute, 400 designers can provide customers with the most professional and comprehensive overall design scheme for water-saving irrigation and the whole water conservancy industry.

4.  DAYU Engineering

It has the first-class qualification of general contracting for water conservancy and hydropower construction. There are more than 500 excellent project managers, which can realize the integration of overall scheme and project installation and construction to achieve industrial chain engineering.

5. DAYU Manufacturing

It is mainly engaged in research and development of water-saving materials, technological innovation and production and manufacturing of products. There are 11 production bases in China. Tianjin factory is the core and the largest base. It has advanced intelligent and modern production equipment and production lines.

6. DAYU Smart Water Service

It is an important support for the company to lead the development direction of national water conservancy informatization. What DAYU Smart Water does is summarized as "Skynet", which complements the "earth net" such as reservoir, channel, pipeline, etc. through the Skynet control earth net, it can realize refined management and efficient operation.

7. DAYU Environment

It focuses on the treatment of rural domestic sewage, serves the construction of beautiful villages, and is committed to solving agricultural pollution through water conservation and emission reduction.

8. DAYU International

It is a very important section of DAYU Irrigation group, which is responsible for the international business management and development. Closely following the “one belt, one road” policy, with the new concept of "going out" and "bringing in", DAYU has set up DAYU American technology center, DAYU Israel branch and DAYU Israel innovation research and development center, which to integrate global resources and achieve rapid development of international business.


In October 2018, an innovation and R & D center was established in Israel. On September 4, 2019, DAYU Irrigation group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Metzerplascompany. The core technology of Metzerplas was settled in the Sino Israel (Jiuquan) Green Ecological Industrial Park. Israel's irrigation technology innovation and development system, high-quality product manufacturing capacity, and excellent talents provide a more high-quality solution for DAYU Irrigation Group's global development.


The products and services of DAYU international business cover more than 50 countries and regions around the world, including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Russia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Senegal, Mali and Mexico, Ecuador, the United States and other countries and regions, with the total export earning nearly 30 million US Dollars.


In addition to general trade, DAYU International also has been starting the business in large-scale farmland water conservancy, agricultural irrigation, urban water supply and other complete projects and integrated solutions, gradually improving the strategic layout of global business.


DAYU Irrigation Group takes "making agriculture smarter, rural areas better and farmers happier" as its mission, takes the national economy and people's livelihood, Rural Revitalization as its task, takes ensuring the food security and water security of the country and the world as its purpose, solves the imbalance and insufficiency in the development of Agriculture and rural areas, and improves the happiness index of people's life as its goal, so as to improve the utilization efficiency and production efficiency of agricultural water and fertilizer Guided by the improvement of human ecological living environment, Adhere to scientific and technological innovation, model innovation and management innovation, and striving to build a world famous water-saving irrigation enterprise.

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